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ExtrAvidin® Staining Kits

ExtrAvidin® staining kits are comprised of universal reagents for use with primary antibodies in immunohistology, ELISA, and immunoblotting. ExtrAvidin® is a unique form of avidin, available only from Sigma, that combines the high specificity and affinity of avidin for biotin with low non-specific binding at physiological pH. ExtrAvidin® alkaline phosphatase and peroxidase enzymes thus exhibit high sensitivity with low background.

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EXTRA3 ExtrAvidin® Peroxidase Staining Kit for rabbit antibodies antibody produced in mouse
EXTRA2 Mouse ExtrAvidin® Peroxidase Staining Kit antibody produced in goat
EXTRA3A Rabbit ExtrAvidin® Alkaline Phosphatase Staining Kit antibody produced in goat