Duolink® & PLA® Technology

Duolink based on Proximity Ligation Assay (in situ PLA) technology when combined with qualified antibodies outperforms traditional immunoassays, such as co-IP, through a simple and sensitive in situ detection of endogenous proteins. This technology enables you to visualize protein interactions in fixed cells and tissue samples, all while under endogenous protein expression.

  • Visualize individual interactions without having to overexpress proteins
  • Gain high specificity with dual binding of primary antibodies
  • Single molecule sensitivity due to signal amplification
  • Analyze using standard immunofluorescence instruments
  • Amenable to high throughput cell-based screens

PLA Validated Antibodies

Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA) pre-qualified primary antibodies and primary antibody pairs (kits) provide the researcher a set of high quality validated primary antibodies for use in PLA.

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