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SRP3212 IL-5 from mouse recombinant, expressed in E. coli, ≥98% (SDS-PAGE), ≥98% (HPLC), cell culture tested IL-5 (interleukin 5) was initially identified as a stimulant of antibody production by activated B cells. It has recently been shown to be a key factor in eosinophil differentiation and proliferation. It is also implicated in the pathogenesis of asthma, atopy, hypereosinophilic syndromes, and parasitic infections. In distal lung, IL-5 recruits eosinophils and modulates inflammatory or immune cells in the microenvironment, thus, promoting lung metastasis in cancer.
SRP3095 IL-5 human recombinant, expressed in E. coli, ≥98% (SDS-PAGE), ≥98% (HPLC), cell culture tested IL-5 is a hematopoietic growth factor that stimulates the proliferation and activation of eosinophils. Recombinant human IL-5 is a 26.0 kDa disulfide-linked homodimeric protein containing two 116 amino acid chains.