Panorama® Human Protein Function Array – p53 Microarray

Panorama Human Protein Function Array – p53 Microarray is the first fully functional protein array that allows parallel analysis of your protein against multiple p53 proteins. The p53 functional array utilizes a proprietary tagging technology that is based on the presence and biotinylation of a BCCP (biotin-carboxy carrier protein) tag. When the fusion protein is correctly folded and thus functional, the expressed BCCP tag becomes biotinylated. The BCCP-biotin complex then securely tethers the spotted protein to the streptavidin coated slide.

The p53 functional protein microarray contains a human wild-type p53 and 49 SNP variants plus experimental controls to ensure the p53 protein has been spotted and is functional. The p53 proteins are printed in duplicate on a 1 x 3 inch glass slide and sequence verified. Unlike other protein microarrays which use a nitrocellulose coated slide, our p53 proteins are spotted on a streptavidin coated slide which significantly reduces background problems commonly associated with nitrocellulose.

  • Proprietary BCCP (biotin-carboxyl carrier protein) tagging technology ensures only fully functional p53 proteins are immobilized.
  • Accurate representation of 49 p53 varients. Configured in two sub-arrays per slide with each protein spotted in duplicate.
  • Compatible with probing by DNA, proteins, kinases & small molecules and with Cy3/Cy5 –based detection chemistries.

Array Map (10 kb PDF)

Slide Analysis Template

Functional Array Technology

Technical Poster (220 kb PDF)

Order Information

Product No. Description Technical Bulletin
HPFM1 Panorama Human Protein Function Array – p53 Microarray

Kit Contents

  • Panorama Human p53 Microarrays - 2 ea
  • GADD45 DNA Probe-Cy3
  • Anti-p53-Cy5
  • Instruction Booklet


This product is sold under an exclusive worldwide license and a joint collaborative agreement between Sigma-Aldrich Corp. and Procognia Limited.

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