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Panorama® Antibody Array – MAPK & PKC Array

Panorama Antibody Array – MAPK & PKC Pathways is designed for studying protein expression in cell or tissue extracts. The antibody array contains 84 different antibodies each spotted in duplicate on a nitrocellulose-coated slide. The antibodies are specific for kinases and phosphatases of the MAPK and PKC pathways.

  • Accurate and robust protein expression profiling of your sample in less than half a day 
  • Establish protein expression profile comparisons of two samples (test vs. reference samples), simply label Cy3 or Cy5 dyes to sample and apply simultaneously to array
  • Proprietary slide treatment minimizes background staining
  • Suitable for use with Cy3/Cy5 –based detection chemistries

Array Map (87 Kb PDF)

Slide Analysis Software (3 Kb GAL file)

Antibody List (94 Kb PDF)

Worksheet for Data Analysis and Calculations (17 Kb PDF)

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MPAA-3 Panorama Antibody Microarray — MAPK and PKC Pathways

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