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Hybridoma Media

The development of techniques to produce monoclonal antibodies in cell culture systems has greatly increased the specificity of antibodies available as well as permitted increased production of specific antibodies. Traditional techniques of monoclonal antibody production have relied upon the use of medium supplemented with serum of animal origin. Since the majority of these antibodies have been employed for research or in vitro diagnostic applications, the presence of serum did not pose significant regulatory concerns. For this reason, efforts to develop serum-free media have primarily focused on cost reduction without regard to the nature of the components used for serum replacement in the medium. However, as new technologies have been developed, an increasing number of antibodies are utilized in applications as in vivo therapeutics agents.

These changes in the use of such antibodies have led to reviews by regulatory agencies concerning the materials and methods employed for antibody production. Due to the threat of contamination by adventitious agents when using animal-derived components in medium, many agencies have strongly suggested that medium containing such components be discontinued for manufacturing therapeutic injectable products. In recognition of the changing regulatory requirements in the biotechnology industry for media used in the production of antibodies from hybridoma cell lines, Sigma is developing new serum-free media for both cost control during production and compliance with regulatory concerns. At the same time, Sigma continues to offer a broad product line of media designed for serum-supplemented or serum-free growth of hybridomas for antibody production.

Hybridoma Media

Hybridoma Media Companion Products and Supplements

Hybridoma monoclonal antibody expression systems are complex, and are typically modified (or optimized) to meet the specific priorities and needs of the biotechnologist. In addition to offering the above varieties of hybridoma media, Sigma providessupplements that you may find useful in your culture system. The table below identifies some of the most useful supplements for your evaluation and use.

Other supplements potentially useful for the culture of hybridoma cells such as transferrin, albumin, and insulin are offered by Sigma in many varieties.  These components are offered as individual reagents or in pre-formulated, ready to use mixtures.  Please use the Sigma search engine to find these product families.

Details for the use of the reagents and supplements may be found in literature published by Sigma which discusses the use of  hybridoma cell lines for monoclonal antibody manufacturing applications.

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