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ECACC Cell Lines

Sigma-Aldrich has formed a working partnership with The European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC), a world leader and recognized expert in the maintenance, cultivation and distribution of authenticated, validated and mycoplasma free cell lines. Together, we offer the most diverse selection of cell culture products and services available. ECACC cell lines are available from a variety of animal sources including mammalian, amphibian, fish and insect for research in areas such as:

Cell Line Availability:

USA, Canada, Mexico, India and Brazil - View available ECACC cell lines in tables below.
Europe - ECACC Cell Lines can be ordered On-Line, cell lines delivered in 3- 5 working days. Please see table below for further information
Australia and New Zealand - Click here for more information.
China - Click here for more information.
Korea - Click here for more information.

Cell lines are for research use only. Please forward request for commercial use to

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Available Cell Lines from ECACC