Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN)

Cells and Cell-Based Assays

Bioascend. Achieve stellar results with cell lines shaped for your research.

Sigma® Life Science has applied the revolutionary CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease technology to create an unparalleled range of genetically modified mammalian cell lines for use in areas such as basic research, target validation, drug discovery and drug development. With targeted and heritable gene deletions, integrations or modifications our isogenic cell lines give you the tools to take your research to new heights.

CompoZr Cellular Reporters

The study of gene function has been limited by the use of over-expression systems and by tedious staining procedures. To enable scientists to study gene activation, protein function and protein localization in a live cellular system, we have generated engineered human cell lines where several classes of genes are fluorescently tagged at the endogenous locus.

CompoZr Cytoskeletal and Pathway Marker Cell Lines
We developed engineered human cell lines with important cytoskeletal and chromatin-modifying proteins tagged with a fluorescent protein at their endogenous locus. These will enable the study of protein function, localization and regulation in a live cellular system with endogenous expression levels and patterns.

EGFR Biosensor Cell Line
To enable a better understanding of EGFR activity and develop better drugs against this target, we have created a novel Biosensor cell line. Live monitoring of EGFR activity through protein localization offers a quick and robust cell-based assay that will enable the development of live high-throughput and high content screening applications. This modified A549 cell line provides an innovative and sensitive research tool for studying the molecular mechanism and kinetics of endogenous receptor activation and internalization for EGFR (ERBB1).

CompoZr Disease Models

An individual patient's response to therapy may vary depending on their unique genotype. To better understand the genetics of the affliction, we generated genetically defined human cell lines that model the different mutations in the disease. This will enable researchers to study disease gene targets in an isogenic setting and allow better avenues for therapeutic research.

CompoZr Oncology Cell Lines
Our initial oncology cell lines focus on colorectal cancer and lung cancer. We have developed isogenic cell lines with precise knockout or knock-in of genes that recreate genetic mutations and alterations seen in real patient samples. These cell lines provide better models of the disease and enable better avenues of therapeutic and basic research.

CompoZr Breast Cancer Cell Lines
An individual patient’s response to therapy may vary depending on their unique genotype and subtype characterization. To better understand the genetics of breast cancer, we have generated a panel of human breast epithelial cell lines that model patient-relevant genome alterations. Our breast cancer offerings focus on the pre-neoplastic mammary epithelial cell line, MCF10A, with specific alterations.

Cell Design Studio

The Cell Design Studio group leverages gene editing and gene silencing technologies from CompoZr ZFN and MISSION® shRNA, to create custom-designed genetically engineered mammalian cell lines for use in drug discovery, target validation, disease modelling and other cell-based assays.

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