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Whatever your questions, our cell lines provide solutions

Tell us your goals and we can provide the expertise needed to determine what cell line can answer your most critical question. We are your partner in research.

Discover what our modified cell lines can do for you:

  • Determine gene function by knocking out genes
  • Study drug effects through gene tagging
  • Introduce disease state SNPs for more predictive disease models
  • Monitor promoter function with luciferase reporter systems


 Typical Project Types

Zinc Finger Nuclease, CRISPR and shRNA technologies are utilized to modify your gene of interest. Learn more about each technology below.

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 iPS Cell Capabilities

  • Genetic modification of iPS Cells
  • Generation of iPS Cells
  • Measurement of pluripotent and differentiation markers
  • In vitro lineage differentiation


 iPS Cells differentiated by Cell Design Studio Scientists

 Custom Assays

Additional assays can be run on your modified cell line after engineering is complete. Assays can also be run outside the scope of an engineering project on your cell line of interest.


Droplet Digital PCR
  • Copy number determination
  • Rare event detection
  • Next-generation sequencing validation
  • Gene expression studies


Phenotypic Screening (PDF)
  • Compound sensitivity
  • Expression profiling, induction/repression


Cytometric Analysis
  • Fluorescent protein analysis
  • Cell sorting of target populations
  • Multi-color cell phenotyping


To utilize our custom assay services, please e-mail us at customcells@sial.com.

Our capabilities don’t stop here. No matter how obscure or exact your project requirements are, let our experts assist in simplifying your custom project.  

 What Our Customers Have to Say

"This program involved the transfection of Sigma’s AC2 cell line with a codon optimized gene vector, the selection of single cell clones expressing a viral protein, the transfer and establishment of a FACS based assay for gene expression, the characterization of the levels of expression of the protein in hundreds of clones, as well as the characterization of cell growth characteristics for these clones."

"We were extremely impressed by the thoughtful and efficient manner in which Sigma developed the Statement of Work."

"Once the contract was in place, work proceeded very efficiently. Interactions with our internal team and Sigma were highly professional, and Sigma was very responsive to our suggestions and requirements."

— Thomas P. Monath MD, Hookipa BioTech AG

 Meet Our Staff of Highly Trained Scientists

Your project couldn’t be in more capable hands. Learn more about our scientists here.

When asked, “What do you enjoy about working on the Cell Design Studio team?”

“I enjoy the challenge that every new project brings and I value the collaborative professional culture. When faced with something particularly challenging the team works together to find a solution. We are not just delivering a product; we are developing new tools and solutions and always pushing the envelope with creative new ideas and approaches.”

— Suzanne Hibbs, Scientist, Cell Design Studio

 As Your Solutions Provider, We Ask You the Right Questions

Your cell line needs to be a solution. Because of our years of experience and dedicated scientists, we are able to work with you in an open and collaborative manner to be sure the cell line we deliver is a solution not simply a product.

  • Solutions based approach to engineering
  • Easy access to CompoZr ZFN Technology, Sigma CRISPRs and MissionRNAi
  • Rapid delivery of your modified cell lines
  • Dedicated and Experienced cell design R&D team will partner with you to create your cell line
  • Managed projects so that time lines and deliverables are prioritized and met

“Our customers feel a level of comfort with us that is hard to find elsewhere. After talking with our team you will have no doubts to the level of expertise we provide. Each scientist and project manager is invested in the success of your project from delivery of a project proposal through supporting you in the end use and application of your cell line.”    

— Erika Holroyd, Product Manager, Cell Design Studio

 Getting a Project Started

Reach out to us through the “Contact Us” button below. You will be contacted by a member of the Cell Design Studio team to discuss technical aspects of your project or answer any questions you may have.


 How Projects are Executed

Our project initiation process, technical evaluation step, and distinct phases of execution allow for smooth delivery of each project from start to finish. Learn more about our workflow here.