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Gene Synthesis Services


Sigma-Aldrich in collaboration with GENEWIZ, Inc. is proud to bring you gene synthesis services. Use Gene Synthesis to synthesize codon-optimized cDNA, gene variants, artificially designed DNA, or any other sequence for your research. Simply provide a nucleotide or amino acid sequence, and will ship your custom gene cloned into the vector of your choice.


  • Synthesize genes that are difficult to clone or lack a template.
  • Supply large-scale gene synthesis for microarrays.
  • Optimize codon use to boost target protein expression
  • Synthesize or design predicted genes, splice gene variants, SNPs, DNA vaccines, gene therapy vectors, and complex genes with high GC content or secondary structures.
  • Generate humanized antibodies or recombinant antibodies

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Accelerate Your Cloning Projects

Are you frustrated with the turnaround time of traditional cloning?

Discover the benefits of Gene Synthesis compared with traditional cloning:

Traditional Cloning GENEWIZ Gene Synthesis
Lengthy, Complex Procedure Short, Simple Procedure

  1. Cloning strategy design
  2. Primer Synthesis
  3. PCR and restriction enzyme digestion
  4. Gel extraction and ligtation
  5. Transformation and plasmid mini prep
  6. Screen by enzymatic digestion
  7. Sequencing reaction preparation
  8. Sequence assembly analysis

  1. You provide the sequence
  2. You receive custom gene cloned into the vector of your choice
Challenges Advantages

  • Requires a physical template
  • Can make only one or a few changes
  • Labor intensive
  • Unpredictable results
  • Troubleshooting drains your reagents and time

  • No physical template needed
  • Codom optimize or custom design your gene
  • Reliable delivery
  • Project turnaround starts from 8 business days

Features and Benefits

  • Full Service: Services range from sequence design, optimization, and synthesis, to cloning, verification by sequencing and restriction digestion, and plasmid preparation.
  • Advanced Technologies: Robust capabilities to synthesize sequences with difficult regions, such as highly repetitive AT-rich, or GC-rich DNA.
  • Consultation & Support: Expert scientists customize projects to meet your exact specifications.
  • Competitive Pricing: Save time and money relative to in-house cloning.
  • Intellectual Property Security: Neither Sigma nor GENEWIZ claim rights for any intellectual property related to your DNA or amino acids sequences or for the resulting synthetic genes.

Standard Deliverables:

  • 2-5 µg lyophilized plasmid containing desired synthetic construct
  • Certificate of Analysis (C of A), including restriction digest
  • Sequence trace data with alignment
  • Sequence of synthetic gene alone and in a vector