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MISSION® Press Releases


2009 Press Releases

Sigma-Aldrich® Introduces MISSION® esiRNA for Low Cost, High Specificity Pooled RNAi Screening.

Sigma-Aldrich® Introduces MISSION® LentiPlex™ Pooled shRNA Libraries to Enable Rapid Whole Genome Screening in Primary Cells, Stem Cells or Tumor Cells.

2008 Press Releases

Sigma-Aldrich® Joins Phase 2 of The RNAi Consortium to Validate shRNA Libraries.

Sigma-Aldrich Introduces MISSION In VIVO QUALITY and iScale Oligos(TM) siRNA, a Superior Quality siRNA Designed for RNAi Research in Animal Models

2007 Press Releases

Sigma-Aldrich and Sangamo Biosciences Announce Alliance to Develop Zinc Finger-Based Laboratory Research Reagents.

Sigma-Aldrich Announces mirPREMIER™ microRNA Isolation Kit for miRNA Purification.

Sigma-Aldrich Introduces N-Ter Nanoparticle siRNA Transfection System for Delivery of siRNA into Difficult-To-Transfect Cell Types.

Sigma-Aldrich Announces LentiExpress™ Technology for Faster and Easier High-Throughput RNAi Screening.

Sigma-Aldrich Grants Pfizer Non-Exclusive Worldwide License to Use ddRNAi in Research Programs..

Oxford BioMedica And Sigma-Aldrich Issue Joint License for Lentivector® Technology To Glaxosmithkline.

2006 Press Releases

Sigma-Aldrich and Oxford BioMedica Pursue Protection of RNAi-Related Intellectual Property; File Suit Against Open Biosystems.

Sigma-Aldrich and Rosetta Inpharmatics Establish Partnership for siRNA Design.

Scientists Publish Results on Sigma-Aldrich's shRNA Library in Cell.

Sigma-Aldrich Strengthens Position in RNAi and Cell-Based Assays Through Licensing and Equity Position in Genospectra.

Sigma-Aldrich Launches First Lentiviral shRNA Gene Family Set.

Sigma-Aldrich expands shRNA Libraries of The RNAi Consortium.

2005 Press Releases

Sigma-Aldrich strengthens its position in RNAi through licensing and Equity Positions in both Benitec and Oxford BioMedica.

Benitec grants Sigma-Aldrich license to RNAi Patent portfolio.


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