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TT Vector pAR1219 data

Data illustrating the disruption of lacZ and tonA in E. coli HB101 using TargeTron® Vector pACD4K-C (included in the TargeTron Gene Knockout System - TA0100) and the T7 helper plasmid pAR1219 (T2076).

Figure 1. Mutation of E. coli HB101 using TargeTron vector pACD4K-C and T7 helper plasmid pAR1219. Targetron vector pACD4K-C was re-targeted to disrupt the lacZ and tonA genes. Mutants were selected on kanamycin plates. Intron isnertions were detected by colony PCR using an intron primer (3p-exon-1, 5'-TACGCAGCGGTATTTTTCGATCAG) and gene specific primers for lacZ and tonA. All colonies screened showed the expected insertion.

Figure 2. White phenotype of HB101 lacZ disruptants created using the pACD4K-C TargeTron plasmid with T7 helper plasmid pAR1219.