From our extensive knowledge and experience in chemistry, biology and the drug development process, Sigma-Aldrich helps cancer laboratories strengthen their approach to translational research with products and services that bring accuracy, reproducibility, and confidence in meeting the requirements of drug discovery. 

From Target Selection through to Clinical Quality, Sigma-Aldrich provides researchers with the broadest range of cancer research tools, backed by unrivaled scientific knowledge and best-in-class customer and technical service.

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Cancer Resources from Sigma-Aldrich

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Target Selection

From high quality basic reagents to cutting edge gene editing technology, Sigma-Aldrich provides reproducible and translatable solutions to enable the discovery and study of novel biological targets.

CompoZr® ZFN
Prestige Antibodies®
Cell Culture

Lead Discovery

Sigma-Aldrich offers a large, accessible and chemically diverse array of compounds and screening libraries that equip academic labs with the formats required to enable novel compound discovery.

Aldrich® Market Select
Pfizer Compounds

Medicinal Chemistry

Create more diverse, complex and unique compounds by accessing the largest portfolio of building blocks, catalysts and reagents from the industry’s leader in chemistry, Sigma-Aldrich.

TLC Plates
Innovative Reagents
Silica Gel
Building Blocks
Chemical Biology


Sigma-Aldrich offers more predictive and definitive assays and standards for ADME/Tox that accelerate safety and efficacy studies, lending confidence to IND filings.

Model Systems

Clinical Quality

Access the vast API production and cGMP manufacturing knowledge Sigma-Aldrich has gained through years of partnering with Pharma companies across the drug discovery workflow.

Early Development Services
Biopharma Materials
SAFC® PharmaGrade
SAFC Enhanced Quality Program
Pharma Materials


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