Mole Day 2017

We’re busily tracking moles, but be sure to bookmark this page! Come back starting Mole Day, October 23rd, for discounts on chemical reagents and for your chance to win a 16 oz MilliporeSigma Mole travel mug and $5 Starbucks® gift card. We’ll be giving away 10 tumblers a day during Chemistry Week.

Entering the drawing is easy. Just solve this problem below and submit your answer during Chemistry Week (October 23 - 27) via this webpage.

This Mole Day, we’re celebrating the untold number discoveries and research that have been accomplished with the help of a little (or a lot of) caffeine. In that spirit, here is your question: Assuming that an 8.0 ounce cup of coffee contains 95.0 milligrams of caffeine, how many moles of caffeine would you be consuming if you drank 16.0 ounces of coffee? (For this calculation, use 194.19 as the molar mass of caffeine.)

Good luck and come back during Chemistry Week to submit your answer for your chance to win!

For full rules & regulations click here.

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