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DNA & RNA Purification

Total RNA

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Product Yield Speed Starting Material Product Description Technology Applications
GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Miniprep Kit Up to 150 µg of total RNA 30 minutes Up to 107 mammalian cells or
40 mg of tissue per prep
Isolation of total RNA from mammalian cells and tissues Silica bind & elute in a spin column format RT-PCR, northern blots and microarray analysis
TRI® Reagent RNA Isolation Reagent 5 - 15 µg per million cells, 1 - 10 µg/mg tissue 90 minutes Up to 100 mg tissue, 107 cells, 102 cm plate area or 0.25 ml fluid and blood derivatives Isolation of total RNA from a variety of starting materials Acid guanidine thiocyanate phenolchloroform extraction RT-PCR, northern blots and microarray analysis