Bacterial Expression Vectors

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Bacterial expression vectors are used to introduce foreign genetic material into a host in order to replicate and amplify the foreign DNA sequences as a recombinant molecule.

The broad portfolio provided by Sigma-Aldrich solves your bacterial expression vector challenge by organizing the different formats into easy to use selection guides for your convenience.

Sigma-Aldrich provides bacterial expression vectors that utilize tac promoter-based vectors, which allow expression, detection, and purification of recombinant FLAG® and MAT (Metal Affinity Tag) fusions in E. coli. These vectors offer a choice of periplasmic (+ompA) or cytoplasmic expression of amino or carboxy-terminal tagged fusions. tac expression vectors confer ampicillin resistance for easy selection of positive transformants. Additionally, the vectors contain the T1T2 transcriptional terminator, pMB1 (derivative of pBR322) origin of replication, the f1 origin, and the lacI gene for repression of the tac promoter. These vectors can be used to express protein in any established E. coli expression host.

Also offered are T7 promoter-based bacterial expression vectors, which allow for expression, detection and purification of recombinant FLAG and MAT (Metal Affinity Tag) fusions in E. coli. Several vectors containing the T7 promoter offer dual tag options for FLAG and MAT-tagged fusion proteins. These vectors confer ampicillin resistance for easy selection of positive transformants.

pT7-FLAG and pT7-MAT vectors offer the very strong T7/lac promoter. These bacterial expression vectors produce even higher yields of recombinant protein than the tac promoter system. However, the T7 promoter is known for background ("leaky") expression, which can be a drawback when recombinant proteins are toxic to the host cell. Therefore, Sigma-Aldrich vectors contain the lac operator (lacO) sequences immediately downstream from the promoter to reduce leaky expression. Unlike the tac promoter system, pT7 vectors must be expressed in hosts containing a source of the T7 polymerase such as (DE3) lysogenic strains.

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70609 pETBlue™-2 DNA (uncut) - Novagen Novagen's pETBlue™-2 vector is designed to identify recombinants by traditional blue/white screening while also allowing T7lac promoter based expression of target genes.
70823 pTriEx™-3 DNA - Novagen
70840-M pTriEx™-1.1 DNA - Novagen
70928 pTriEx™-1.1 Hygro DNA - Novagen
70931 pTriEx™-3 Neo DNA - Novagen
70933 pTriEx™-4 Neo DNA - Novagen
71129 pETcoco™-1 DNA - Novagen Novagen's pETcoco-1 expression vector is designed to allow "on command" amplification of vector copy number from single copy (1-2 plasmid copies per cell) to medium copy (20-50 per cell).
71147 pACYCDuet™-1 DNA - Novagen pACYCDuet-1 is designed for the coexpression of two target genes. The vector encodes two multiple cloning sites (MCS) each of which is receded by a T7 promoter, lac operator and ribosome binding site.
71330-M pCDF-1b DNA - Novagen
71340-M pCDFDuet™-1 DNA - Novagen
71363-M pRSF-1b DNA - Novagen
71406-M pCOLADuet™-1 DNA - Novagen
71558 pTriEx™-5 DNA - Novagen
71559-M pTriEx™-6 DNA - Novagen
APPA008 In Vitro Bacterial Split GFP Fold ′n′ Glow Solubility Assay Kit (cyan)
APPA001 In Vitro Bacterial Split GFP Fold ′n′ Glow Solubility Assay Kit (green)
APPA009 In Vitro Bacterial Split GFP "Fold ′n′ Glow" Solubility Assay Kit (yellow)
E7908 p3XFLAG-CMV-14 Expression Vector shuttle vector for transient or stable intracellular expression of C-terminal 3xFLAG
E8033 pFLAG-MAC Expression Vector Bacterial vector for cytoplasmic expression of N-terminal Met-FLAG fusion proteins
P1118 pT7-FLAG-1 Expression Vector
P1243 pT7-FLAG-2 Expression Vector
P9743 pT7-FLAG-4 Expression Vector
E5280 pT7-FLAG-MAT-Tag®-1 Expression Vector
E5030 pT7-FLAG-MAT-Tag®-2 Expression Vector
E5155 pT7 MAT-Tag® FLAG®-1 Expression Vector 0.5 mg/mL
E5530 pTAC-MAT-Tag®-1 Expression Vector bacterial vector for cytoplasmic expression of N-terminal MAT tag fusion proteins
E5405 pTAC-MAT-Tag®-2 Expression Vector