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GE17-0529-01 Calmodulin-Sepharose® 4B GE Healthcare, 17-0529-01, pack of 10 mL
E9251 Ecteola Cellulose coarse
GE17-0886-04 Gammabind Plus Sepharose® GE Healthcare, 17-0886-04, pack of 500 mL
H6508 Heparin−Agarose Type I, saline suspension
H0402 Heparin−Agarose aqueous ethanol suspension
H0532 Heparin-Ceramic HyperD M Hydrogel Composite saline suspension with ethanol, 80 μm mean particle size
GE17-0998-01 Heparin Sepharose® 6 Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0998-01, pack of 50 mL
GE28-9269-77 HiScreen MabSelect SuRe GE Healthcare, 28-9269-77
GE28-9365-51 Hisprep Fast Flow 16/10 GE Healthcare, 28-9365-51
GE11-0004-58 HisTrap Fast Flow Crude GE Healthcare, 11-0004-58, pack of 5 × 1 mL
GE17-5248-05 HisTrap High Performance GE Healthcare, 17-5248-05, pack of 100 × 5 mL
GE17-5080-01 HiTrap® rprotein A Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-5080-01, pack of 1 × 5 mL
GE17-0969-01 IgG Sepharose® 6 Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0969-01, pack of 10 mL
GE17-5318-01 Ni Sepharose® 6Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-5318-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0810-01 Phenyl-Sepharose® CL-4B GE Healthcare, 17-0810-01, pack of 200 mL
GE17-0973-05 Phenyl Sepharose® 6 Fast Flow (High Sub) GE Healthcare, 17-0973-05, pack of 200 mL
GE17-0963-02 Protein A Sepharose® Cl-4B GE Healthcare, 17-0963-02, pack of 500 mL
GE17-0963-03 Protein A Sepharose® Cl-4B GE Healthcare, 17-0963-03, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0780-01 Protein A-Sepharose® CL-4B GE Healthcare, 17-0780-01, pack of 1.5 g
GE17-0618-01 Protein G Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0618-01, pack of 5 mL
GE17-0618-02 Protein G Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0618-02, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0618-05 Protein G Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0618-05, pack of 200 mL
GE17-0032-01 Sephadex® G-25 Fine GE Healthcare, 17-0032-01, pack of 100 g
GE17-5181-01 SOURCE 15Q 4.6/100 PE
GE28-9075-46 StrepTrap High Performance GE Healthcare, 28-9075-46, pack of 5 × 1 mL