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Gene Synthesis Compared to Molecular Cloning

The core techniques and tools used in molecular biology have been optimized over many years, but many challenges still remain. Our Molecular Biology Guide can help you through the basic techniques and troubleshooting.  However, these challenges are amplified when the goals are more complex, which is the case with many molecular biology and synthetic biology (engineering) projects. Very often, gene synthesis is a solution to these challenges.

Gene synthesis services by GENEWIZ provide:

  • 2-5 µg lyophilized plasmid containing synthetic DNA construct
  • Optional custom cloning into the vector of your choice
  • Optional scaled-up DNA preparations
  • Certificate of Analysis (C of A), including restriction digest confirmation
  • Sequence trace data with alignment data
Traditional Molecular Cloning GENEWIZ Gene Synthesis
Lengthy, Complex Procedure Easy Online Order Process
1. Cloning strategy design
2. Primer synthesis
3. PCR and restriction digest
4. Gel extraction and ligation
5. Transformation and mini-prep
6. Screen clones by restriction digest
7. Sequencing preparation
8. Sequencing for clone confirmation
1. Enter sequence request on Sigma’s online order form
2. Receive custom gene cloned in the vector of your choice
Challenges Advantages
• Requires a physical template
• Can make few changes
• Labor intensive
• Unpredictable results
• Troubleshooting adds cost and time
• No physical template needed
• Codon optimize to your host
• Reliable delivery
• Fast & cost-effective
• Custom clone into any vector
• Sequence-verified
• GENEWIZ project support for complex designs