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Translate discoveries into therapeutics with Sigma-Aldrich’s workflow-spanning offering of products, services and solutions geared towards academic drug discovery and development. Above and beyond the technology, learn more about our commitment to entrust greater accuracy and reproducibility to your forays into drug discovery.

 NEW! Diversify Your Lead Compound with Baran Diversinates™

The Baran Diversinates enable Late Stage Functionalization of heteroaromatic C-H bonds without the need for chemical handles or pre-functionalization. With operational simplicity (reactions are not sensitive to air or moisture), this suite of reagents can impart a diverse range of new functionality to simple heterocycles and complex bioactive small molecules, alike. Indeed, a growing list of Baran Diversinates allows for the inclusion of pharamceutically relevant bioisosteres and new bioconjugation linkers to your lead compound. Click here for our full offering!

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White Paper

Improving Reproducibility: Best Practices for Antibodies, Cell Lines, and Small Molecules

Taking several small steps can reduce the risk researchers unknowingly take when running an experiment. Some of these steps are simply asking smart questions before purchasing products or recording product information as reagents are opened. Sigma-Aldrich PhD Scientists recently authored the following paper outlining best practices to ensure researchers are using quality antibodies, cell lines & small molecules to increase reproducible & translatable experimental results.

The State of Translational Research

This report, conducted in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), presents the views of more than 600 self-described academic translational researchers. Together, we aim to better understand current practices, barriers to progress and how to advance the field.


Partnership with The Scripps Research Institute

Our partnership with Scripps allows immediate, day-of-publication access to Scripps researchers’ discoveries for the synthesis and analysis of potential drugs. The partnership enables widespread access to those reagents for the translational research community.


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