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Our comprehensive approach to strengthen and support academic Translational Research is based on ensuring greater accuracy, reproducibility and confidence in drug discovery research.
Our drug discovery workflow solution spans target selection, lead discovery, medicinal chemistry, ADMET through to clinical quality.

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White Paper

Improving Reproducibility: Best Practices for Antibodies, Cell Lines, and Small Molecules

Taking several small steps can reduce the risk researchers unknowingly take when running an experiment. Some of these steps are simply asking smart questions before purchasing products or recording product information as reagents are opened. Sigma-Aldrich PhD Scientists recently authored the following paper outlining best practices to ensure researchers are using quality antibodies, cell lines & small molecules to increase reproducible & translatable experimental results.

The State of Translational Research

This report, conducted in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), presents the views of more than 600 self-described academic translational researchers. Together, we aim to better understand current practices, barriers to progress and how to advance the field.


Partnership with The Scripps Research Institute

Our partnership with Scripps allows immediate, day-of-publication access to Scripps researchers’ discoveries for the synthesis and analysis of potential drugs. The partnership enables widespread access to those reagents for the translational research community.


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Workflow Solutions

Target Selection

From high quality basic reagents to cutting edge gene editing technology, Sigma-Aldrich provides reproducible and translatable solutions to enable the discovery and study of novel biological targets.

CompoZr® ZFN
Prestige Antibodies®
Cell Culture


CompoZr ZFN

CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease technology is the most established functionally validated genome editing research tool. Zinc finger nucleases are engineered DNA-binding proteins that can be used to generate precisely targeted genomic modifications resulting in cell lines and animals with targeted gene deletions, integrations, or modifications.

CompoZr Knockout ZFNs
CompoZr Custom ZFN Service
CompoZr Targeted Integration Kits

Prestige Antibodies

Do you have confidence in your antibodies? Prestige Antibodies, developed and validated by the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project, contain more than 700 IHC, WB, and IF images for each antibody all manually curated by pathologists. All data is publically available on the HPA website.

Prestige Antibodies Products
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Whether your goal is to clone and express your favorite gene, sequence cDNA, or study epigenetic changes in a disease of interest, Sigma-Aldrich has a range of comprehensive, off-the-shelf genomics solutions to accelerate your research.

SeqPlex DNA Amplification Kit
Whole Transcriptome Amplification Sequencing (SEQR)
KiCqStart® SYBR® Green qPCR ReadyMix™
KiCqStart Primers


Detect, quantify and determine with confidence whether your drug is inhibiting the specific protein interaction mechanism. Duolink, based on in situ PLA, proximity ligation assay, enables you to visualize endogenous protein interactions in fixed cells and tissue samples.

Duolink Products
Duolink Video


The MISSION shRNA portfolio includes the highly validated lentiviral-based shRNA libraries of The RNAi Consortium (TRC1 and TRC2), access to flexible lentiviral shRNA custom services, and ideal screening formats designed to accelerate your RNAi discovery.

Pooled Screening
Deconvolution Services

Cell Culture

A complete line of cell culture products including classical and specialty media, Fetal Bovine Serum, supplements, reagents, and labware. We are committed to providing the same quality and service as you have come to expect from our chemical business.

Sigma Cultureware
ECACC® Cell Lines
Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)
Classical Media & Salts
Cell Culture Reagents

Lead Discovery

Sigma-Aldrich offers a large, accessible and chemically diverse array of compounds and screening libraries that equip academic labs with the formats required to enable novel compound discovery.

Aldrich® Market Select
Pfizer Compounds



LOPAC1280 (Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds) is a collection of high quality bioactive small molecules and drugs that modulate the most commonly screened drug targets. Validate new drug discovery assays with the power and convenience of the gold-standard library of receptor ligands and drugs.

LOPAC Products

Aldrich Market Select

Aldrich Market Select is a searchable online ordering center comprised of more than 8 million unique chemicals from suppliers around the world. These products range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis.

Search Aldrich Market Select
Aldrich Market Select FAQs

Pfizer Compounds

The hottest Pfizer-developed drugs and inhibitors such as varenicline, ziprasidone, dofetilide, atorvastatin, and celecoxib available in ready-to-screen format. Validate assays, explore drug repositioning and conduct phenotypic screens with blockbuster drugs.

Pfizer Compounds Product List
Ready-to-screen library of Pfizer Compounds
Other Approved Therapeutics/Drug Candidates


The MyriaScreen Diversity Library II is comprised of 10,000 high-purity screening compounds, handpicked to maximize the chemical diversity while maintaining drug-like properties. MyriaScreen is rich in chemotypes and a valuable source of screening compounds for lead discovery.

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Medicinal Chemistry

Create more diverse, complex and unique compounds by accessing the largest portfolio of building blocks, catalysts and reagents from the industry’s leader in chemistry, Sigma-Aldrich.

TLC Plates
Innovative Reagents
Silica Gel
Building Blocks
Chemical Biology


TLC Plates

Explore a complete line of products for thin layer chromatography (TLC), high performance TLC (HPTLC) and preparative TLC, including plates, reagents and accessories.

TLC Plates Products
HPTLC Plates
Preparative TLC Plates
Other TLC Accessories

Innovative Reagents

Sigma-Aldrich's range of reagents for introduction of fluorine and fluorinated groups, as well as highly-reactive reagents in 25-mL Sure Seal packs, provides a medicinal chemist the most options for reliably and safely introducing diversity into a lead candidate.

Boronic Acid Derivatives for Cross-Coupling
25mL SureSeal™
Fluorination Reagents

Silica Gel

Sigma-Aldrich offers a broad range of silica gel, including spherical and irregular particle shape, as well as bare and modified/bonded products. They are available in various grades, particle and pore sizes; and, are useful for all types of low-pressure, medium-pressure, and flash column chromatography for the cleanup and purification of a wide range of synthetic and natural compounds.

Silica Gel for Chromatographic Purification
Purification Options


Sigma-Aldrich couples the mainstays of catalytic technology with all of the latest ligands and catalysts to build scaffolds for screening and lead optimization. Licensed materials and scale-up capability are our specialties.

Asymmetric Hydrogenation
Buchwald Ligands
Cross-Coupling Ligands and Catalysts

Building Blocks

Sigma-Aldrich has more than 30,000 building blocks in stock, serving the medicinal chemist with the widest and most accessible portfolio of tools for drug development. This offer now includes several thousand products from other well-known suppliers like Chembridge, Synthonix, Adesis, BioBlocks, and many others.

Indoles and Indole Isosteres
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Ascentis® Express has proven to be an exceptional HPLC column for pharmaceutically relevant compounds. Their substantially lower backpressure than sub-2 micron columns allows them to be used at much higher flow rates for fast drug discovery. Furthermore, the column length can be increased to improve resolution without exceeding the capabilities of conventional HPLC equipment. Process chemists find the lifetime and ruggedness of Ascentis Express to be a key advantage for walk-up LC-MS systems.

Ascentis Express HPLC Columns
Selection Guide
Fused-Core Columns Technology

Chemical Biology

The Chemical Biology product line incorporates techniques and strengths of chemistry to address fundamentally important questions in biology, medicine, and drug discovery. It features a market leading range of innovative products for conjugation strategies as well as synthetic intermediates and building blocks for the synthesis of biomolecules such as peptides, carbohydrates and oligonucleotides.

Peptide Synthesis
Click Chemistry Reagents
Dithiobutylamine (DTBA)


Sigma-Aldrich offers more predictive and definitive assays and standards for ADME/Tox that accelerate safety and efficacy studies, lending confidence to IND filings.

Model Systems


Model Systems

Sigma-Aldrich offers a comprehensive portfolio of cells and cell-based assays with applications for ADME/Tox. Transporter Knockout Cell Lines provide definitive data on substrate/transporter interactions, Nanodisc Technology renders membrane proteins soluble in aqueous solutions and we offer a variety of other membrane preparations and cell lines that are relevant to ADME/Tox research.

Knockout Cell Lines
iPSC Models
ECACC® Cell Lines
Membrane Preparations
Liver Preparations
Nanodisc Technology


As a part of the SAFC business in Sigma-Aldrich, BioReliance® provides services that include a broad spectrum of in vitro and in vivo toxicology testing services designed in accordance with international guidelines. Areas of expertise include: genetic toxicology, mammalian toxicology, analytical services and contract pathology services.

BioReliance Toxicology Services
Genetic Toxicology
Mammalian Toxicology
Analytical Services
Contract Pathology Services


In addition to Transwell® plates from Corning®, a novel in vitro system for routine screening of ADME/Tox drug properties, IdMOC® (Integrated Discrete Multiple Organ Culture) plates, are available to model in vivo multiple-organ interactions which allows the evaluation of organ-specific effects of a drug and its metabolites.

IdMOC Plates
Transwell Plates


Membrane transporter inhibitors and substrates, cytochrome P450 inhibitors and substrates along with LOPAC® (Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds) are all included in the wide range of reagents that are available for applications within ADME/Tox research.

Bioactive Small Molecules
Sciex® iChemistry CYP450 Kits

Clinical Quality

Access the vast API production and cGMP manufacturing knowledge Sigma-Aldrich has gained through years of partnering with Pharma companies across the drug discovery workflow.

Early Development Services
Biopharma Materials
SAFC® PharmaGrade
SAFC Enhanced Quality Program
Pharma Materials


Early Development Services

Through its Pharmorphix® technology, SAFC is a leading provider of solid form research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and speciality chemical industries. We focus on understanding and optimizing the physical and chemical properties of active ingredients and formulated materials.

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Biopharma Materials

SAFC is a complete pipeline partner for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies developing and commercializing complex small-molecule APIs and biologic drug products. The company combines world-class, "single point of contact" project management with proven processes and procedures that support all stages of drug development.

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SAFC PharmaGrade

Bring superior transparency to your supply chain with critical raw materials of known origin and history. Our PharmaGrade line of products takes the guesswork out of sourcing by providing high quality components through a secure supply chain.

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SAFC Enhanced Quality Program

With SAFC Enhanced Quality products, your raw material quality standards are defined based on your application and supply chain requirements, matching the right quality level with your risk mitigation needs.

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Pharma Materials

With more than 25 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing, SAFC is a core provider with a complete range of small molecule APIs and key intermediate manufacturing services. Our API expertise covers a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing services including routine and specialized technologies.

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