Materials Science

Custom Polymers & Contract Manufacturing

Sigma-Aldrich provides custom manufacturing of polymers and polymer-related products including functional macromers, crosslinkers, and monomers.  With our experience in polymer development from concept to scale-up (bench to kettle), we can offer you continuous support from R&D through manufacturing.

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Our team has experience partnering with companies to produce and develop customized materials for a wide range of applications including:

Our highly experienced R&D and Manufacturing teams are experts at synthesizing a broad range of materials including:

  • Polymers with well-defined molecular weights, architecture and purity
  • Functional and reactive polymers
  • Block and amphiphilic copolymers
  • Biodegradable and biocompatible polymers
  • Functionalized natural polymers such as Gelatin, HA, Alginate, etc.
  • Smart polymers (stimuli-responsive polymers and PNIPAM)
  • Special, high-purity monomers, macromers, initiators & polymerization (RAFT & ATRP) reagents

Sigma-Aldrich also owns a state-of-the-art QC facility for polymer analysis.

Additional benefits of partnering with Sigma-Aldrich include:

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