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Vinyl Esters

The majority of polymers in this category consist of vinyl acetate and its copolymers. Poly(vinyl acetate) is unique in that the most common polymerization method results in a nonlinear, highly branched polymer. It is the precursor to poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(vinyl acetal) polymers.

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189480 Poly(vinyl acetate) average Mw ~100,000 by GPC, beads
387924 Poly(vinyl acetate) average Mw ~140,000 by GPC
387932 Poly(vinyl acetate) average Mw ~500,000 by GPC
434477 Poly(vinyl acetate-co-butyl maleate-co-isobornyl acrylate) solution 50 wt. % in ethanol
773328 Poly(vinyl acetate), cyanomethyl diphenylcarbamodithioate average Mn 5,000, PDI <1.2
182648 Poly(vinyl cinnamate) average Mn 40,000, powder