Biotechnology Partnership Programs – Supplies & Services

Few endeavors in the bioscience world are as compelling, as inspiring, and as challenging as starting—and succeeding—in biotechnology and drug discovery. The difference between progress and struggle may depend on finding resources to lay the foundation that allows you to focus on scientific progress. With our synergized R&D, technical support, business, and distribution capabilities, we are more well-positioned than ever to support your growing biotech group with service, expertise and everything you need for the lab.

Find out how our starter program pricing, innovative ideas and business solutions can transform your discoveries into therapies.


The combined strength of EMD Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich enables biotechnology:

Over 300,000 products, 72 manufacturing sites, with a presence in 67 countries.

Industry-leading eCommerce with 130 distribution centers worldwide.

Biotechnology Essentials Starter Program
Check here to find out how our startup discounts give new labs a head start.



Business Solutions
We enable your science through transparent ordering and tracking, rapid, reliable delivery, on-site stock management, and an unparalleled eCommerce website.


Biocluster Partnerships
Our trusted products and business support are the scaffold on which your biotechnology cluster can build.



The Biotech Journey – Process Solutions
Emerging biotechnology and biopharmaceutical ventures need a scale-up strategy. Find it here.


New Lab Start-Up Program
Less than a year in operation? Check out our special New Lab Start-Up Program.