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Sigma-Aldrich New Lab Start-Up Program – Product Savings

With the Sigma-Aldrich New Lab Start Up Program, you will receive:

Savings on Essential Life Science Products

Cell Culture Discounts (up to)
Liquid Media* 50%*
Powdered Media 20%
Antibiotics 15%
Growth Factors 10%
Reagents 20%
PCR Reagents Discounts (up to)
Standard Taq 50%
Quantitative PCR 40%
Hot Start PCR 40%
DNA Purification Discounts (up to)
Plasmid Kits 30%
RNA Kits 30%
Genomic Kits 30%
Protein Research Discounts (up to)
Protease Inhibitor Cocktails 30%
Lysis & Extraction 30%
FLAG 10%
Recombinant Protein Purification 15%
Cloning & Expression Discounts (up to)
Microbial Media 25%
Molecular Biology Enzymes 25%
Transfection Reagents 25%
Life Science Reagents Discounts (up to)
Agarose 40%
Buffers 50%
Carbohydrates 50%
Detergents 60%
Antibiotics 55%
Molecular Biology Reagents 50%
Proteins & Derivatives 40%

Receive an additional 5% discount for orders over $1000 and 10% for orders over $2500.

Savings on Essential Chemistry Products


Solvents Discounts (up to)
ACS, HPLC, and Reagent/Technical Grade 62%
Anhydrous Grades 20%
NMR grade 40%
Acids and Bases Discounts (up to)
ACS, General Reagent Grade 50%
Spectrophotometric Grade 30%
Pharmaceopeia Tested 10%
Inorganic Reagents Discounts (up to)
ACS, General Reagent Grade 50%
Pharmacopeia Tested 10%
Precious Metals 10%
Organic Reagents Discounts (up to)
ACS, General Reagent Grade 40%
Pharmacopeia Tested 10%
Additional Chemistry Savings
Discounts (up to)
Building Blocks 10%
Organometallic Reagents 10%
Synthetic Reagents 10%
Asymetric Synthesis 10%
Catalysis and Inorganic Reagents 10%
Ionic Liquids 10%
Abosrbents, Filter Aids and Drying Agents 40%

Savings on Essential Analytical Products


Gas Chromatography Discounts (up to)
Carrier gas, Generators, Accessories, Filters 10%
Packed GC, columns, packing 10%
Capillary GC 15%
HPLC Discounts (up to)
HPLC Accessories 10%
Supelco Columns 10%
Supelco Guard Columns 15%
LPLC/TLC Discounts (up to)
LPLC Columns 15%
LPLC Resins and accessories 15%
LPLC Separation Media 20%
TLC plates, bulk material, accessories 15%
Additional Analytical Savings Discounts (up to)
Select Karl Fischer Titration Products
LCMS Solvents, Blends, Additivies
GC Head Space Solvents
Purge and trap hardware and traps
SPE Accessories
Trace Analysis Reagents 35%
Material Science Discounts (up to)
Nanomaterials 10%
Polymer Science 10%
Metal & Ceramics 10%
Alternative Energy 10%
Organic Electronics 10%
Micro/Nanoelectronics 10%
Lab Equipment Discounts (up to)
Corning® Glassware 40%
Corning® Plastic 25%
Aldrich Glassware (Flasks, Funnels, etc.) 45%
Aldrich NMR Tubes 45%
Multiwell Plates 40%
Adapters 45%
Gloves 50%
Equipment & Books 40%