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Product No. Description Add to Cart
CLL1136-1VL U2OS Cells GFP-NUP98
D9893-5UN pBR322 Plasmid DNA from E. coli RRI
C3187-.5ML Color Marker
M7824-5G Methotrexate
M199-5MG (+/-)-1-(3,4-Methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-butanamine hydrochloride
CLL1135-1VL SKOV3 Cells GFP-HER2
CRMORGA-1000ML Research Octane Number Standard
M5505-1VL Silver Stain SDS-PAGE Molecular Weight Standard Mixture
B3657-1VL Restriction Enzyme Buffer SH
M1073-1EA MaxGel(TM) ECM
87091501-1VL DON
94967-1MG 2-cis,6-trans-Farnesol
D1793-.1MG Lambda DNA Pst I Digest
C7749-500UG Carbonic Anhydrase II bovine
N9164-1MG nanoHA(TM)5
E0904-20UG pBICEP-CMV(TM)-2 Expression Vector
77857-50MG Ketoreductase
M5626-5G 17alpha-Methylandrostan-17beta-ol-3-one
SHC314-1EA MISSION(R) 1X LacO Inducible TurboGFP(TM) shRNA Control Plasmid DNA
80720-1MG cis,cis-Farnesol
RDC1-1KT Director(TM) Universal PCR System
MRPA1-1KT Panorama(R) Mouse/Rat Tissue Extract Protein Array Kit
44977-1MG DISBAC2(3), Voltage Sensitive Probe
P0270-200UN Calmodulin from bovine heart
P3319-2.5KU Penicillin Amidase from Escherichia coli
1140600-20MG Clopidogrel Related Compound C
F7885-1EA Filtration kit replacement filters
B7531-1VL Restriction Enzyme Buffer SA
SHC317-1EA MISSION 1X LacO Inducible Luciferase shRNA Control Plasmid DNA
M3064-.1MG Myostatin human
S5942-50UL SYPRO Tangerine Protein Gel Stain
D0690-100UN DNA Gyrase from Escherichia coli
C3615-1SET Control primer set for Arabidopsis Actin-2 gene
N9039-1MG nanoHA(TM)7
K3000-100G Kinetin riboside
61350-5MG TS-Link(TM) Bimane thiosulfate sodium salt
E3153-1G (2,6-Di-O-)ethyl-beta-cyclodextrin
69562-5MG Bimane mercaptoacetic acid
SAB2700186-100UL Anti-NS1 antibody produced in rabbit
E9788-500PMO Cytochrome P450 1A2 human
D5938-1.5KU Taq SuperPak(TM) DNA Polymerase
T4897-50UN Thrombin from rabbit plasma
ST000043-1SET Stemgent(R) Dox Lentivirus Set: m4F2A
ZFNGS-1KT CompoZr(R) Knockout ZFN Kit- CHO GS
CRMOMGA-1000ML Motor Octane Number Standard
E0779-20UG pBICEP-CMV(TM)-1 Expression Vector
F0502-1KG D-Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate dicalcium salt
V5764-200UL Anti-Vesicular GABA Transporter antibody produced in rabbit
E5007-25MG Etonitazene hydrochloride
L8785-1VL Legionella supplement
49699-96TESTS HybriScan(TM)D Listeria monocytogenes
C4109-5MG 6-Carboxy-4',5'-dichloro-2',7'-dimethoxyfluorescein N-hydroxysuccinimide ester
XNAB2R-1KT Extract-N-Amp(TM) Blood PCR Kit
M8418-1VL MAN-3 Glycan
CRMVPGA-250ML Reid Vapour Pressure Standard
T4572-10MG Tissue protein, total
R3783-1KT PermaRed/AP Kit
ST070031-1ML Stemgent(R) Dox Lentivirus hOct4
D5185-1VL Dermato supplement
HPFM4-1KT Panorama(R) Human Protein Function Array -Signal Transduction
SAB2104751-50UG Anti-IMP3 antibody produced in rabbit
H163-1MG m-Hydroxycocaine
B4557-1G Butyl-beta-cyclodextrin
59746-1MG Atto Rho14
XNABE-1KT REDExtract-N-Amp(TM) Blood PCR Kit
C3305-1MG Carbacyclin
E5164-1KT GenElute(TM) RNA/DNA/Protein Plus Purification Kit
1370349-25MG Lorazepam Related Compound C
T6824-20UG pPolh-FLAG(TM)-1 Transfer Vector
V4125-10MG Snake venom from Agkistrodon contortrix mokason (Northern Copperhead)
E5655-10UG pT7-MAT-Tag(R)-2 Expression Vector
ST000037-1SET Stemgent(R) Dox Lentivirus Set: hOKSM conc
C0731-4BTL Protein Extraction Reagent Type 3
E1761-500ML Embryonic Fluid bovine