PharmaGrade Raw Materials

Reduce risk with high-quality raw materials

Knowing what you need

New regulatory guidelines introduced over the last few years have put the responsibility of risk management on drug manufacturers. Based on SAFC’s expertise in the industry and knowledge of regulatory requirements, the PharmaGrade products are designed to insure performance and minimize risk.

Building Quality

PharmaGrade products align with regulatory guidances for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Products meet compendial grade when possible; or for non-compendial products, are manufactured under either GMP or SAFC’s Elite guidelines. Each product has an established supply chain program with transparency and control in critical risk areas and undergoes a full risk assessment and rigorous vendor management process during design. Testing for impurities such as trace elements, residual chemicals, particulate matter and microbial contamination may be included in specifications dependent on risk.

Delivering Value

PharmaGrade raw materials take the risk out of your supply chain. Readily-available inventory and Quality/regulatory documentation speeds up qualification and use. Inventory includes multiple lots and pack sizes to support both qualification and commercial activities. Product documentation follows IPEC* guidelines and includes full supply chain transparency to manufacturer and additional information required for risk-assessment that are required by individual customers.

Quality products start with quality components. We can help you select the right products fit for use.

Choose from our ever-growing portfolio of PharmaGrade products for a new benchmark in supply chain security and risk mitigation. For a more detailed look at the products in the PharmaGrade portfolio, please visit our PharmaGrade product page, or view the product flyers: Amino Acids, Buffers and Specialty Chemicals products.

Amino Acids


Specialty Chemicals

*IPEC is the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council