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Continuous Flow Chemistry

Since 2004 SAFC has employed flow chemistry as enabling technology to complement conventional batch chemistry. This helps our customers to access a wider scope of products and improves efficiency of typical reactions. SAFC’s multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and plant experts are able to develop and transfer a Continuous Flow Manufacturing project at any stage of the clinical pipeline – from discovery to commercial.

Why Choose SAFC?

  • Flexible, modular reactor design, readily adapted to various reaction types
  • Easy customization with access to any research equipment      
  • Wide range of capabilities with
    • reactors tolerate solids
    • temperature ranges from -80 to +300°C
    • full plant vessel support for batch processing as needed
  • Experience with a broad range of chemistry applications

Lean Manufacturing through Flow Chemistry

Continuous flow manufacturing is a lean manufacturing platform that provides customers access to as little or as much of a product as needed.

  • Cleaner reactions, higher yield and less raw material use, thanks to short reaction time
  • The very small reactant volume virtually eliminates risk of batch failure
  • Reduced labor, materials and waste
  • Isolation can be optimized to deliver end product directly 
  • Safer scale-up of not readily scalable by batch enhance the breadth of product offering

Typical Reactions

  • High temp or cryo reactions that are limited by scale
  • High volume products that require multiple runs
  • Reactions involving sensitive/unstable species
  • Reactions with material or construction issues
  • Hazardous intermediates/products or hazardous reactions

Seamless Scale-Up Capabilities

Research and Pilot Scale:

  • Throughput from mg to multi-kg per day
  • Operating temperature from -80° to +300°C
  • Pressure range 0 to 7 bar (0 to 100 psi)
  • Typical residence time 10 seconds to 10 minutes (extendable if needed)
  • Up to three chemical steps, batch work-up most typical
  • Mass flow meters and programmable logic control for accurate process control
  • Capable of handling thin slurries

Commercial Scale:

  • Throughput up to 150 kg per day
  • Operating temperature from -80 to +175°C
  • Pressure range from 0 to 8 bar (0 to 125 psi)
  • Residence time from 6 to 720 sec.
  • Flow Rate from 3 to 60 L/h
  • Digitally Controlled System (DCS)
  • Hastelloy construction C-276
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