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Drug & Process Development

Once a development candidate has been identified, SAFC can rapidly develop processes and supply the necessary quantities of product required to efficiently support pre-clinical studies and advance lead programs in the shortest possible timeframe. For more than 25 years, SAFC has effectively and safely delivered large-scale products to the commercial life sciences industry. Our clients can expect high-quality, scalable and reproducible chemical and biological products, along with the confidence that comes with decades of experience manufacturing small and large molecules according to country-specific regulatory standards.

Custom Cell Line Engineering

  • CHOZN® Platform
  • CHOZN® GS and DHFR Cell Lines
  • CHOZN® Cell Design Studio

Bioprocess - Media Development & Manufacture

  • Media Development and Optimization
  • Process Development Services and Support
  • Critical Raw Material Manufacture & Supply

Testing & Support Services

  • Biologics Safety Testing
  • Biomanufacturing Support Services
  • Preformulation Services
  • Toxicology Services
  • Genomics Services

Contract Manufacturing Solutions

  • Therapeutic Proteins
  • Conjugates
  • BioOrganics
  • High Potent Manufacturing
  • APIs & Key Intermediates
  • Generic Products
  • Gene Therapy and Viral Vaccines

Clinical Trial Laboratory Services

Specialized assays developed for the analysis of biological products during clinical trials








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