CHOZN® Platform

Accelerate Your Upstream Process Development Timelines
with Simplified Clone Selection

SAFC has developed a new media and feed platform, optimized specifically for CHOZN GS. Introducing EX-CELL® Advanced™ CHO Fed-batch System, which replaces the EX-CELL CHOZN Platform Medium. It does not replace CD Fusion, nor cloning medium. It is used only for Fed-batch screens-not for any other parts of the protocol. The new performance data shows the parts of the protocol that incorporate EX-CELL Advanced.

Powered by the CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology, SAFC has created the first ever commercially available cell line platform that allows for faster, simpler selection and scale up of high producing clones for the production of recombinant protein drugs. The CHOZN Platform consists of the CHOZN GS-/- CHO cell line, and an optimized set of cGMP- produced, chemically-defined media and feeds that have been designed with the cell line to maximize production of r-proteins. The CHOZN Platform system has been designed and tested to perform from initial cell line engineering process and stable cell line selection, through large scale growth and production. The CHOZN Platform was developed to provide an off the shelf production solution to biopharmaceutical developers who don’t currently have a cell line platform.

CHOZN Platform Components

Product No. Description Product Information Sheet
CHOGS CHOZN ZFN-modified GS-/- CHO Cell Line PIS (PDF)
14366C EX-CELL® Advanced™ CHO Fed-batch Medium – Liquid PIS (PDF)
24366C EX-CELL Advanced™ CHO Fed-batch Medium – Powder PIS (PDF)
24367C EX-CELL Advanced CHO Feed 1 PIS (PDF)
24368C EX-CELL Advanced CHO Feed 1 PIS (PDF)
14365C EX-CELL CD CHO Fusion Medium
C6366 EX-CELL CHO Cloning Medium Poster (PDF)

Used for the production of biopharmaceuticals, the cGMP produced and tested CHOZN GS-/- cell line is the first commercially available glutamine synthetase (GS) knockout CHO line proven to shorten bioproduction times in early development, enabling customers to enhance their speed to market and decrease costs. Along with the cells, media and feed, SAFC provides extensive user protocols covering transfection through scale up to small scale bioreactors, as well as comprehensive cell line safety testing and development history.

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