Press Releases

May 12, 2015 – SAFC Expands Carlsbad, Calif. Facility to Support Commercial-Scale Gene Therapy Production, Testing and Filling

May 12, 2015SAFC Completes ADC Commercial Manufacturing Capacity Expansion in St. Louis

April 21, 2015BioReliance Licenses B-CLEAR® Technology from Qualyst Transporter Solutions for Drug Transporter Studies

April 7, 2015SAFC Launches New EX-CELL® Advanced™ Products for Scalable, Efficient Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

March 11, 2015China's BeiGene Selects SAFC CHOZN® Platform for Commercial Drug Development

January 15, 2015SAFC’s State-of-the-Art Dry Powder Media Manufacturing Facility in Irvine, Scotland, Officially Opens Following Extensive Validation Process

November 6, 2014BioReliance Implements Newly Adopted OECD Guidelines for Genetic Toxicology Testing After Participating in Regulatory Working Groups

October 29, 2014SAFC Launches New Protein Quality Supplement to Increase N-linked Glycosylation

October 16, 2014BioReliance® Introduces Advanced In Vitro ADME and Toxicology Services Designed to Improve Drug Safety and Efficacy

September 24, 2014SAFC and Baxter BioPharma Solutions Collaborate on Complete ADC Offering

June 24, 2014 – AGTC and SAFC Create Strategic Partnership to Provide Gene Therapy Manufacturing Services

May 20, 2014 – SAFC Expands Continuous Flow Capabilities for Research and Commercial Scale

May 7, 2014 – SAFC’s Pharmorphix® Technologies and BioTools Align to Provide End-to-End Chiral Technology Tools and Services

November 5, 2013 – SAFC Partners with CatScI Ltd. to Offer Comprehensive Catalysis Services

October 16, 2013SAFC Manufacturing New High-Quality PharmaGrade Raw Materials at Arklow, Ireland, Plant

October 14, 2013SAFC Invests in Commercial-Scale ADC Conjugation Manufacturing and Services; Expands HPAPI Manufacturing and Storage Capacity

September 19, 2013SAFC Strengthens Biopharmaceutical Position with Innovations to Established CHOZN® Portfolio

September 4, 2013BioReliance® Opens New U.S. Clearance Services Laboratories; Completes Global Facility Upgrade Plan

August 28, 2013BioReliance Introduces Updated Big Blue® Mouse Assay Service

June 4, 2013SAFC Strengthens Biopharmaceutical Market Presence in Asia with Commercial Licensing of CHOZN® Cell Line Bioproduction Platform

March 5, 2013BioReliance Acquires Rights to Big Blue® Colonies and Cell Lines from Agilent

March 5, 2013SAFC Expands PharmaGrade Raw Materials Portfolio to Meet Growing Demand; Expects to Double PharmaGrade Portfolio in 2013

March 5, 2013SAFC Expands Irvine Facility to Add Dry Powder Media Manufacturing Capabilities

March 5, 2013Archie Cullen Named President of BioReliance

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