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Analytical Method: Manganate and Permanganate in pickling baths

Cat.No. 109141 Sodium hydroxide solution 0.1 mol/l
Sample preparation:
Pipette 5 ml of bath solution into a 50-ml standard volumetric flask, fill up to volume with sodium hydroxide solution 0.1 mol/l and mix well. From this solution pipette 1 ml into 100-ml standard volumetric flask and fill up to volume with sodium hydroxide solution 1 mol/l and mix well, too. This solution can be used for determination.
Attention: The determination has to take place as quickly as possible, because the sample changes after dilution.
Determine the K2MnO4 - and the KMnO4 - content by measuring the absorbance at 525 nm and 585 nm in cells of 10-mm cell length against sodium hydroxide solution 0.1 mol/l as a blank in the SQ 118 photometer.
K2MnO4 content in g/l = (A585 x 105.86) - (A525 x 12.39)
KMnO4 content in g/l = (A585 x 65.83) - (A525 x 16.36)
A= Absorbance at wavelength.


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