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Inorganics on Tap – Withdrawal Systems & Safety Products for Acids & Bases

Safety is a System

Handling hazardous goods safely is always a big challenge, not only in laboratories.

Make use of our 25 years’ experience in developing safety concepts for our products and learn about our latest innovation – withdrawal systems and safety products for acids and bases.

Withdrawal Systems

When handling corrosive and harmful acids and bases in pack sizes of 10 L or more special attention should be paid to personal safety. Our new appropriately tested packaging and suitable and safe withdrawal systems and accessories can help you design an individual safety program for inorganics.




New Withdrawal Systems with Manual Pressure Build-Up

Our new withdrawal systems for acids and bases ensure a safe, easy, and contamination-free supply. Independent of media like inert gas or compressed air, acids and bases can now be withdrawn safely where they are needed. Just put your receptacle under the outlet, squeeze the ball with your hands or feet, and open the valve at the outlet. Handling corrosive inorganics with our products means additional safety for you – every day!



Please ask yourself:

Do you feel confident when handling acids and bases in big pack sizes?

Is there any reason for you to avoid big pack sizes of bases and acids?

If the answer is “no” please contact your local MilliporeSigma partner.


Withdrawal Systems Products (available for order soon)

Drum key (PE) for opening/closing containers with 2" or 3/4" screw caps made of plastic materials
Hand pump ball for withdrawal systems
Foot pump ball for dispense heads 167500 and 167501
Dispense head (PE) for acids and bases manual pressure build-up
Dip tube (PE) for acids and bases in 25L canisters
Dip tube (PE) for acids and bases in 25L fassett
Dip tube (PE) for acids and bases in 200L PE-drums
Dispense head (PVDF) for nitric acid & sulfuric acid, manual pressure build-up
Dip tube (PVDF) for nitric acid in 25L combi container
Dip tube (PVDF) for nitric acid in 185L Combi-containers
Dip tube (PVDF) for sulfuric acid in 200l PE-drums
Dip tube (PVDF) for sulfuric acid in 25l canisters


Suitable for Acids and Bases

Product No. Description
100317 Hydrochloric acid fuming 37%, for analysis, EMSURE®
100456 Nitric acid 65%, for analysis, EMSURE®
105590 Sodium hydroxide solution about 32%, (for the determination of nitrogen) for analysis, EMSURE®
105587 Sodium hydroxide solution about 32%, EMPLURA®
100063 Acetic acid (glacial) 100%, anhydrous for analysis, EMSURE®
105432 Ammonia solution 25%, for analysis, EMSURE®
100731 Sulfuric acid 95-97%, for analysis, EMSURE®
100319 Hydrochloric acid 32%, for analysis, EMSURE®
105588 Sodium hydroxide solution min. 10% (1.11), for analysis, EMSURE®
105587 Sodium hydroxide solution about 32%, EMPLURA®
100313 Hydrochloric acid 32%, EMPLURA®
105423 Ammonia solution 28-30%, for analysis, EMSURE®
158793 Sodium hydroxide solution 50%, for analysis, EMSURE®
100316 Hydrochloric acid 25%, for analysis, EMSURE®
112080 Sulfuric acid 98%, for analysis, EMSURE®
100443 Nitric acid 65%, EMPLURA®
100573 ortho-Phosphoric acid 85%, for analysis, EMSURE®
108556 Hydrogen peroxide 35%, EMPLURA®
100716 Sulfuric acid 25%, for analysis, EMSURE®