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Glycogen from Mytilus edulis (Blue mussel)

Product No. G1767

CAS RN 9005-79-2

Product Description

Sigma’s Molecular Biology Grade Glycogen is a prepared solution of glycogen from mussel in sterile redistilled water at a concentration of approx. 20 mg per ml. This preparation is purified to remove all detectable traces of nucleic acids, proteases, RNAses and DNAses. Therefore, this glycogen is a suitable carrier or co-precipitant in RNA and DNA purification.1,2 Picogram amounts of RNA or DNA can be precipitated from a volume of 0.5 ml by including 20 mg of glycogen (1 ml of solution).

Glycogen is generally preferred over tRNA, yeast RNA or sonicated DNA as a carrier, because it is less likely to interfere with downstream applications. Note that oligonucleotides as short as 20 base pairs can be recovered using linear polyacrylamide (LPA) in a DNA precipitation. Oligonucleotides as short as 8 base pairs can be recovered using glycogen.3

Precautions and Disclaimer

This product is for R&D use only, not for drug, household, or other uses. Please consult the Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices. 


This solution may be stored at –20 °C for up to one year.

Product Profile

DNase, RNase and nickase: None detected.




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