OligoArchitect™ Primer and Probe Design Solutions

How to design primers

Good primer design is the key to efficient qPCR. Many parameters are used to develop a good primer, including GC content, melting temperature, primer length, lack of dimerization ability, absence of secondary priming sites, and lack of hairpin formation. The plethora of parameters and their relationship with each other make it easier to use software tools to design a primer than to design one manually. Using software tools to design primers reduces the time and cost associated with manual experimental primer design.

One such tool is OligoArchitect™ Primer and Probe Design, which is a free, simple, web-based design software that allows you to upload a DNA template sequence and work on it. OligoArchitect™ is powered by Beacon Designer™ (PREMIER Biosoft), which allows you to BLAST search sequences and the corresponding templates from within the program. This software automatically eliminates regions that show significant cross homologies and template structures. This software allows you to design primers for SYBR® Green assays, High Resolution Melting Analysis (HRMA) assays, and Dual labeled probe assays.

Sigma is pleased to offer OligoArchitect for all of your primer and probe design requirements. OligoArchitect is complimentary and includes both our online design tool and our consultative service.

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