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Universal ProbeLibrary System User Statements and Application

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The Universal ProbeLibrary - A Versatile Tool for Quantitative Expression Analysis in the Zebrafish (PDF)
The comparison of the Universal ProbeLibrary-based qPCR to a conventional SYBR Green-I-based qPCR assay using embryonic zebrafish cDNA.

Real-Time PCR Quantification of Plant miRNAs Using Universal ProbeLibrary Technology (PDF)
A real-time quantification method for accurate, sensitive, and economical detection of plant miRNAs based upon the stem-loop RT primer approach.

qPCR Validation of Candidates for Modulators of the MAPkinase Signaling Pathway (PDF)
Use of the dual-color assays substantially reduces the number of reactions that need to be performed in order to permit a qualitative and quantitative comparison of gene expression levels.

Rapid Development of Real-Time RT-PCR Assays Using Universal ProbeLibrary: Applications for Dissecting Signaling Pathways by RNA Interference (PDF)
We used signal transduction systems in Drosophila as a model and developed assays that measure the mRNA concentration of target genes using the Drosophila Universal ProbeLibrary.