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Potential Application for Dimethyl Trisulfide, FG

Available in Kosher and Halal

The depth of flavor and richness would augment tropical fruit flavors such as durian. The savory onion and roasted dairy notes would work well in different cheese applications. The creamy roasted dairy taste would work well for caramels and toffees.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Sulfurous, meaty, creamy roasted dairy, slight savory onion
Potential Applications Tropical fruit flavors, cooked vegetable flavors, roasted dairy application like caramels and toffees
Natural Occurrence Asparagus, cooked beef and chicken, blood orange oil, cabbage, cheese, cocoa, coffee, corn, filberts, garlic, milk, onion, pea, rice cakes, sauerkraut, shrimp, strawberry, black tea, tomato, white wine, cheese
Aroma Characteristics @0.10% Ethanol. Green metallic sulfurous bringing to mind cooked cabbage, roasted corn and tropical durian.
Taste Characteristics @ ~1.0ppm. Creamy dairy and slightly sulfurous similar to limburger, stilton, roquefort, german cambozola and a cross between creamy camembert and rich gorgonzola.
Product Number W327506