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Potential Application for O-Toluenethiol, FG

Available in Kosher and Halal

This ingredient lends itself to many savory applications. It works well in roast beef, cooked pork or smoky bacon applications where cooked liver notes might be appealing. It would also find use in coffee, onion, garlic or cooked egg flavors.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Meaty, sulfurous
Potential Applications Savory meat dishes
Natural Occurrence Coffee
Aroma Characteristics @0.10% Ethanol. Sulfurous, rubbery savory meaty with notes of roast beef, bacon and liver.
Taste Characteristics @<0.5ppm. Savory, roasted meat, smoky bacon, cooked prime beef and pork with a sulfurous liver-like nuance.
Product Number W324000