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St. Louis, MO - August 27, 2015 Sigma-Aldrich Announces Agreement with Public Health England to Manufacture and Supply NCTC/NCPF Certified Reference Materials

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ: SIAL) today announced it has signed an agreement with Public Health England (PHE) to manufacture and supply bacterial and fungal NCTC/NCPF Certified Reference Materials (CRM) in LENTICULE® disc format worldwide for use as controls in food, water, environmental and clinical testing microbiology laboratories.

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St. Louis, MO - August 11, 2015 Sigma-Aldrich and Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Obtain Antitrust Approval in Brazil for Planned Acquisition

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ: SIAL) announced today it has secured unconditional approval from Brazil's Council for Economic Defense (CADE), the final outstanding approval required for the planned acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (the "Transaction"). This clearance, which will be effective after a waiting period of 15 days, follows recently received antitrust approvals from the competition authorities of Israel (IAA) and South Korea (KFTC).

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St. Louis, MO - July 23, 2015 Sigma-Aldrich Meets Evolving Quality and Regulatory Needs with ISO 13485 Expansion, Provides Diagnostic Customers with Reliable Critical Raw Materials

Expanded ISO 13485 certification of two additional Sigma-Aldrich facilities offers in vitro diagnostic (IVD) customers industry-leading quality assurance solutions to mitigate supply chain risk, increase product consistency and meet stringent regulatory requirements

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ: SIAL) announced the Company has received ISO 13485 certification for expanded quality assurance capabilities at its Dekalb and Barton facilities located in St. Louis. The certification extends Sigma-Aldrich’s ability to manufacture and offer critical raw materials, such as enzymes, proteins and antibodies used in diagnostic assays, and provides in vitro diagnostic (IVD) customers with industry-leading assurance of consistent quality to meet and exceed their supply chain needs at a time of increased regulatory requirements.

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St. Louis, MO - June 15, 2015 Acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Receives Approval from European Union Regulators and from Chinese Ministry of Commerce

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ: SIAL) announced today that the European Commission (the "EC") has conditionally cleared the planned acquisition of the Company by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (the “Transaction”).  Sigma-Aldrich also announced it has obtained full clearance of the Transaction from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

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