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Closed Concept for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


Innovations in bioprocessing equipment design and operation are reaping higher efficiency through “closed systems”, a concept largely made possible by single-use systems. These connect unit operations and isolate the process from the environment and operators, enabling shorter processing times, greater flexibility, more efficient site layouts, and reduced costs. While widespread adoption has not been attained, COVID-19 has accelerated the industry’s consideration of single-use and closed processing.

Join us to uncover the benefits and challenges of being closed processing ready in bioprocessing, and understand how this achieves better patient safety and care.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Closed System/s Definition
  • Regulations around Closed Processing
  • Technologies that enable Closed Processing
  • Closed Systems in Downstream & Final Filling areas


Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar


Head of Single-Use and Integrated Systems, India

Ashok Kumar leads the single-use and integrated systems team for India and has been with the company for 11 years. His areas of expertise include single-use and integrated systems processing. He is also responsible for customer training in India and Singapore. Prior to joining our company, Ashok was a process engineer at Sartorius Stedim India, where he was responsible for all custom-engineered fermentation systems. Ashok has an M.S. in biotechnology and an M.S. degree in operations and marketing management.

Somasundaram G (Som)

Somasundaram G (Som)


Senior Consultant

Som is a consultant with customers for regulatory compliance, closed processing, and other areas in biopharmaceutical applications. He is also a member of PDA and ISPE industry associations. Som has worked in different functions within Merck for the last 19 years, including heading technology management, tech service, BioReliance® filter validation lab, commercial role, and business development areas. He also worked for a year in QA/QC as well as obtained one year of academic experience in microbiology.

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