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Considerations for Viral Vector Stability in Manufacturing


Viral gene therapy offers promising potential for medical breakthroughs in the treatment of complex diseases. Its success relies on the efficient production of high-quality viral vectors. Yet, viral vector manufacturing poses numerous challenges, particularly in optimizing yield and ensuring stability along the production template. In this webinar, we will shed light on the crucial steps that significantly influence viral vector yield and stability. We will delve into the latest formulation strategies during processing and long-term storage, while also addressing their limitations. Moreover, we will provide insights into the intricate relationship between physio-chemical factors and the stability of viral vectors.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • the viral vector landscape and benefits for in-vivo gene therapies
  • the viral vector manufacturing process and the critical steps impacting yield
  • viral vector formulation conditions that impact stability during process and long-term storage 
  • analytical methods for assessing viral vector purity, potency, and stability 


Angeles Mecate Zambrano, Ph.D.

Angeles Mecate Zambrano, Ph.D.


Senior Scientist

Angeles Mecate Zambrano, Ph.D., is a senior scientist in our Process Solutions, Liquid Formulation R&D team, specializing in formulation development of novel modalities. With a profound passion for medical virology, she has dedicated her academic and professional journey to deepening her understanding and conducting research in this field. In 2022, Dr. Mecate Zambrano joined Merck, bringing her knowledge and insights in virology to the table. Her primary objective is to leverage this expertise in creating innovative formulation solutions utilized for viral vector manufacturing.

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