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Physical & Chemical Property Standards

Certified reference standards and analytical standards for calibration of the equipment to produce precise and reproducible results

Measuring the physical properties of a substance is significant in determining the identity and purity of a substance. The laboratories need to produce first-class reliable analytical test data is rapidly increasing. This is achieved with a high level of accuracy in the calibration of laboratory equipment using analytical standards. Choose from a wide selection of standards and certified reference materials (CRMs) for many test parameters like conductivity, density, flash point, refractive index, freezing point, and viscosity.


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Titration - Volumetric Reference Materials

Accurate titer determination is an important criterion for precise and comparable titration analysis. Certipur® products for volumetric standards include high-purity secondary reference materials for acidimetry, alkalimetry, argentometry, complexometry, iodometry, and redox titration. The volumetric reference materials are the perfect choice to standardize volumetric solutions to produce reliable results. They are manufactured and extensively tested in agreement with the reagent's parts of pharmacopoeias and measured with the highest possible precision according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034.

Color Reference Solutions

For calibration and verification of test data, our portfolio consists of a wide range of certified reference material for color solutions complying with various Pharmacopoeia e.g., USP, EP, or other color measurement method like APHA.


BOD (biological oxygen demand) is the amount of oxygen consumed by the microorganisms to decompose the organic matter in wastewater. COD or chemical oxygen demand is the measure of the amount of oxygen that would be required to oxidize organic pollutants present in water or wastewater. TOC (total organic carbon) has become an important parameter used to monitor overall levels of organic compounds present in wastewater in terms of total carbon content.

For these analyses, we provide certified reference material and analytical grade standards as ready to use solutions for calibration purposes as well as CRM matrix materials.


A Buffer is a chemical substance that maintains a constant pH of a solution upon the addition of acid or base. Buffer solutions are also essential in maintaining the proper calibration of pH instruments. The accuracy of the pH measurements is directly affected by the buffer reference materials used during calibration. Certipur® certified reference buffer solutions and substances are certified under ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 to provide you with maximum accuracy, reliability, and convenience while ensuring consistent results and avoiding expensive repeat analyses.

High-quality reference standards for routine monitoring and calibration of your pH instruments such as single-use sachets, ready-to-use solutions (colored or non-colored), and neat buffer substances being compatible with all pH instruments can be found in our pH-buffer portfolio.