Chemical Biology

Chemical biology products incorporate the techniques and strengths of chemistry to address fundamentally important questions in biology, medicine, and drug discovery. Sigma-Aldrich® chemical biology products provide solutions, expertise, and industry leadership to advance your research. We offer a market-leading range of innovative products for conjugation strategies, such as azide-alkyne cycloaddition chemistry, as well as synthetic intermediates and building blocks for the synthesis of biomolecules, such as peptides, carbohydrates, and oligonucleotides.   

The image displays a complex, multi-colored molecular structure with a detailed view of atomic arrangements in green and blue, highlighting the intricate connections within the molecule.
Protein Degrader Building Blocks

Our protein degrader building blocks are the easiest way to generate libraries of protein degraders, such as proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTAC® molecules), that can be screened for effective degradation of your target protein from cells.

Click Chemistry Reagents
Click Chemistry Reagents

Our portfolio of click chemistry reagents includes a variety of azides, alkynes, catalysts, and ligands to accelerate your progress in chemical biology, polymer chemistry, bioconjugation, and drug discovery.

A scientist in a lab coat and blue gloves is examining a detailed blue 3D model of a molecular structure with blurred laboratory equipment in the background.
Chemical Biology Tools

Our chemical biology tools incorporate techniques and strengths of chemistry to address fundamentally important research in biology, medicine, and drug discovery. 

The image depicts a colorful biochemical diagram illustrating the bioconjugation process where two blue spiky shapes labeled “Protein Protein Interaction” are transformed into a “Crosslinked Proteins” shape through the action of a “Crosslinker.”

Our portfolio of linkers and crosslinkers provide structural stability and reliability in protein-protein, protein-peptide, and peptide/protein-small molecule interactions for all your bioconjugation needs.

The image depicts a 3D molecular model with nine red and seven black atoms, likely representing oxygen and carbon, connected by grey bonds against a yellow background.

Our broad portfolio of highly pure carbohydrates are used widely as supplements to cell culture media and as building blocks in glycan and glycoconjugate synthesis. 

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