Safe Handling

Handling hazardous chemicals safely is always a challenge in daily lab work. We make it easy!

With perfectly matched components – chemicals, packaging, safety tools, and withdrawal systems – you’ll benefit from safe, convenient, and contamination-free work even during highly sensitive applications. 

Specialized tools for

help you to avoid harmful accidents, chemical burns, costly contaminations, and time-consuming issue tracking immediately.

All materials are strictly tested for their application, e.g. the sealing material of the solvent withdrawal systems for its usage with Acetonitrile in HPLC instruments.

All our products underlay valid safety regulations - from self-closing nozzles to safety accessories with pressure relief mechanisms and anti-static devices.

Benefit from our long-term experience in handling hazardous chemicals and increase your personal safety immediately by the first usage.

Withdrawal systems for safe supply of solvents

Withdrawal systems for solvents

  • Made of stainless steel or PTFE
  • Manual system with hand pump ball for solvents in glass or HDPE bottles
  • Manual system with hand or foot pump ball for solvents in containers of 10l volume and more
  • Inert gas system for stainless steel containers
  • Level sensors & individual installations available
Withdrawal systems for safe supply of inorganics

Withdrawal systems for inorganics

  • Made of PE or PVDF
  • Manual systems with hand or foot pump ball for acids and bases in packagings of 25l and more

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