Microbial Filtration

What is membrane filtration and what is it used for? When it comes to membrane filtration, accurate results are key for microbial product safety. We offer a complete portfolio to streamline your microbial limit test workflow from filtration to culturing and detection.

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Membrane filtration systems

We offer complete systems for membrane filtration including services. Our latest innovation, the Milliflex Oasis® system, is an all-in-one system designed for pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. The proven touch-free membrane transfer and a myriad of new features increase productivity, result reliability and regulatory compliance. Our EZ product family is a range of membrane filtration products, including a manifold, vacuum pump and consumables. Used in combination, the system streamlines your water and beverages testing workflow.

Microbiology Filtration Funnel

Our sterilized, disposable filtration funnels for microbiological testing can streamline your workflow, save time and give you highly reliable microbial enumeration results. While eliminating time-consuming steps, such as autoclaving, our funnels ensure you stay compliant to international regulations.

Membrane Filters for Microbiology

Our sterile membrane filters for microbial testing are ready-to-use and allow a good bioburden recovery. Our S-Pak® filters are individually packed and easy to use with gloved hands. For high volume applications, our EZ-Pak® membranes come in a band with 150 filters for easy loading with our EZ-Pak® Dispenser Curve. Combined with our touch-free membrane dispenser they allow high throughput for your membrane filtration.


To keep pace with increasing production demands, reducing the time-to-result in microbial safety testing is key. Rapid microbial detection methods using fluorescent-based technology give you the ability to obtain microbiology test results earlier and therefore enables you to gain better control and understanding of your manufacturing process. The Milliflex® Quantum system and EZ-Fluo™ system are a non-destructive methods that enable reliable identification using any ID technology. Both systems come with a service offering for training, maintenance and validation.

On-line Filtration System

To verify the microbial contamination limits of purified and processed water in tanks and water loops, the MicropreSure® system allows fast and easy in-process water testing. It is a closed, ready-to-use system that samples and processes in one step right at the collection site and can be used with solid or liquid culture media.

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