Tangential Flow Filtration Holders & Systems

Benefiting from our leading bioprocess knowledge and engineering expertise in tangential flow filtration (TFF), we have developed multi-use, single-use, and process development systems incorporating many unique, innovative, and intelligent features. Our systems are designed to meet the success criteria for purification by tangential filtration, including low hold-up volume, maximum volume concentration, and optimal product recovery for enhanced process performance.

Mobius® FlexReady Solution for TFF

Process-scale single-use TFF systems

Mobius® FlexReady Solution for TFF provides a combination of single-use assemblies (Flexware® assemblies) and process-ready hardware specifically designed for TFF. It is pre-assembled and pre-tested, integrating easily into any process.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution for TFF provides maximum adaptability to your changing process needs, such as varying volume levels. The retentate recycle tank is specifically designed for efficient concentration and diafiltration of proteins. Other key system features include:

  • Multi-unit operation, multi-product and multi-scale production for maximized flexibility
  • Single-use flowpath, eliminating carryover from previous batches and enabling use with single-use tangential flow filtration devices
  • Closed mode of operation is possible with specifically designed flowpath and equipment, allowing to reduce contamination risk while increasing flexibility and efficiency
  • Full automation
Cogent® Process-Scale Tangential Flow Filtration System, ideally suited for both pilot and production scale

Process-scale multi-use TFF systems

The fully automated Cogent® Process-Scale TFF System is designed to separate and purify monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, plasma, and therapeutic proteins. It is ideally suited for both pilot and production scale applications, thereby supporting rapid scale-up from small- to large-scale operations. Other key system features include:

  • Modular options for the system configuration that best matches process requirements, while minimizing upfront investment
  • Full process automation
  • Optimized design and component integration of NovAseptic® valves and TFF cassette holders for lowest minimum working volume and maximum product recovery
  • Processes operated in fed-batch, concentration, total recycle, or single-pass mode.
Cogent® Process-Scale Tangential Flow Filtration System, ideally suited for both pilot and production scale


Our family of Cogent® Lab systems uses similar design, sensing technologies, and accessories as our manufacturing-scale equipment. With a homogeneous design and flow range from 20 to 6000 mL/min, our systems have been specifically created to simplify process development. The Cogent® Lab 150, 800, and 6000 systems are optimized for high product recovery and drainability, ensuring successful small-scale TFF operations.

  • One family of TFF systems with harmonized design and linear performance ensures successful and seamless scale-up or scale-down
  • User-friendly Bio4C® Control Software offers pre-defined recipe steps, real-time data visualization and export capabilities assuring reliable and reproducible results
  • Cogent® Lab systems can be tailored to your specific process with an extensive list of options
  • Flexibly operates in UF/DF, microfiltration or SPTFF mode and across a wide range of parameters

Holders for Pellicon® flat sheet devices

Our systems are best suited for use with Pellicon® expendables, either in single-use (Pellicon® Capsule) or multi-use applications (Pellicon® 2 and 3). Holders may be included when purchasing a TFF system; please refer to the appropriate data sheet for details. We provide self-standing holders for filtration area from 88 cm² to 130 m² depending on expendables.

  • XX42PMICR0 holder for Pellicon® 3 micro from 88 cm² to 264 cm²
  • XX42PMINI holder for Pellicon®2 and 3 from 0.1 m² to 0.55 m²
  • Pellicon® Process scale holders for Pellicon® 2 and 3 from 0.5 m² and above

Options are available to increase the installed surface and run in single-pass mode.