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Screen Cell-Based Immunotherapeutics for Microbial Contaminants Using the Milliflex® Rapid System
Use Milliflex® Rapid System to detect cell-based immunotherapeutics for microbial contaminants. This automated ATP-based system supports rapid detection, imaging, and quantification of viable microorganisms.
EN ISO 11133 Microbiological Culture Media
Water source comparison for microbiological media preparation highlights central purification vs. Milli-Q® IX system efficiency.
Fluorescence-based Rapid Microbial Detection Tec
Milliflex® Quantum system enables rapid microbial contamination detection with fluorescence staining technology.
Comparison of Single-Use Funnels vs. Reusable Funnels for the Membrane Filtration Method in QC Microbiology
Comparison of convenience, operating time, accuracy, costs and safety aspects of single-use funnels vs. reusable funnels for the membrane filtration method in QC microbiology.
Compliant and Accurate Microbial Testing with the EZ Product Family
The EZ Product Family optimizes your microbial testing workflow to deliver reliable and reproducible microbial enumeration test results. The product lineup consists of filtration devices, manifolds, calibrated vacuum sources, and rapid microbial detection platforms.
Assessing Level of Bacteria Purified Water
Critical points for laboratories to consider when assessing bacteria levels in purified water and attempting to optimize the microbiology process.
Overview of Chromogenic Media
Selective media enable faster results and visual confirmation for the detection, identification, and enumeration of microorganisms
ISO 11133:2014 Quality Culture Media for Food/Water Testing
EN ISO 11133:2014 standard mandatory for microbiological testing labs, ensuring quality in media preparation and testing.
Milliflex Oasis® Filtration System
Milliflex Oasis® system monitors bioburden in various samples, increasing lab productivity.
ISO Updates: Microbiological Food & Water Analysis
Updates on ISO standards in food microbiology by expert Barbara Gerten from Merck KGaA.