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Performance of Whatman™ 40 and 41 Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper Grades in Mining Quality Control Applications
This page shows the performance of Whatman™ Grade 40 and Grade 41 quantitative ashless filter paper in three metal content tests, high molybdenum, lead, and zinc for the mining industry.
Protein Concentration for Large Volumes Samples
For filtering large volumes of biological solutions, we manufacture specialized equipment including centrifugal filtering devices, discs, cells and solvents.
Concentrating Large Volumes With Centricon® Plus-70 Centrifugal Filter Device
Large-volume centrifugal filter devices are a convenient alternative to stirred cell ultrafiltration devices for purifying proteins from large volumes of solution.
Determination of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A in Stevia leaves, beverages and food additives using HPTLC-MS
HPTLC-MS was used to analyze stevioside and rebaudioside in artificial sweeteners, stevia plants, cola and isotonic drinks with a minimum of sample preparation.
Nanoparticle Ultrafiltration
Filtration methods and membrane filter selection in nanoparticle purification and production.
Filter Validation Studies for Pharmaceutical QC – Factors Affecting Analyte Binding
Syringe membrane filter selection and validation methods to assess analyte loss due to membrane filter adsorption in pharmaceutical quality control (QC) testing.
Retentate filtration with Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration units
Methods and tutorial video for filtration techniques in contamination analysis using a faster alternative to glass vacuum filtration systems.
Syringe Filters for Chromatography
Syringe filter selection guide for HPLC, UHPLC, and Ion Chromatography using pore size, filter diameter, chemical compatibility, analyte binding, and extractables.
Analysis of PFAS Extractables in Filtration Products Using Modified EPA 1633
Data and recommended filtration products for PFAS testing using Modified EPA 1633.
Membrane Learning Center
Membrane filters for sample preparation and analysis are discussed, emphasizing chemical compatibility and selectivity.
Universal Hydrophilic Syringe Filters: Millex®
Millex® hydrophilic PTFE syringe filters offer broad chemical compatibility and robust performance for various sample filtrations.
HPLC Method for Cannabinoid Analysis in Hemp
HPLC methods for efficient cannabinoid analysis in hemp flower samples.
Evaluation of Millex® Syringe Filters for Nitrosamine Impurities Testing in Pharmaceutical Drugs
An overview of nitrosamine impurity testing, worldwide regulations, and key considerations in filter selection for sample preparation and analysis.
Biotinylation Reagents
Biotin-labelled peptides find applications in immunology and histochemistry for affinity purification and receptor localization.
User Guide: Integrity Test Kit for small volume devices
This page describes how to use the Integrity Test Kit for small volume devices to integrity test non-vented and vented filter units with membrane surface areas of less than 15 cm2 (2.3 in2). Larger devices can be integrity tested using
Syringe Filters
Answers to common syringe filter selection questions, such as sterile vs non-sterile, how to use, membrane and housing types, and pore size.
Virus Concentration by Ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration using Amicon® Ultra centrifugal devices for concentrating virus in preparation of high titer virus stocks and isolation of virus from samples.
Rapid Trypsin Digestion of Complex Protein Mixtures for Proteomics Analysis
Reliable and reproducible results in mass spectrometry proteomics analyses are highly dependent on robust sample preparation.
Analysis of PFAS Extractables in Filtration Products Using Modified EPA 537.1
View data on fluorinated extractables, recovery, and recommended filtration products for PFAS testing using Modified EPA 537.1.
Dissolution Testing Filtration
Hydrophilic PTFE Millex® syringe filters ensure accurate dissolution testing and sample preparation for HPLC analysis.