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Routine Water and Beverage Microbiological Analysis Using the 55-Plus™ Monitor

Filtration and Incubation of Liquid Samples

Test beverages and other liquids faster and easier with our 55-Plus™ monitors. These disposable and sterilized units are a convenient and easy system that enables you to optimize the analysis time for routine testing. After sample filtration, simply add 2 mL of liquid culture media and convert the base of the unit into a Petri dish for incubation.

  • Save time: No need for washing and autoclaving
  • Faster flow rates: 50% more filtration area than conventional 47 mm filters
  • Universal fit: works with the standard membrane filtration rubber stopper tulip head
  • Convenient and easy to use
55-Plus™ Monitor

55-Plus™ Monitor

For maximum convenience and hassle-free maintenance, combine it with our EZ-Fit® Manifold.

Processing an aqueous sample using the 55-Plus™ monitor can be done in 5 simple steps.

Step 1:
Place a 55-Plus™ monitor on the EZ-Fit® Manifold with the tulip head
Step 2: Pour the sample into the funnel and filter by applying vacuum. Depending on your sample properties, a rinsing step may be needed.
Step 3: Insert liquid culture medium:

- By the top: Add medium directly into the top of the filtration funnel and then apply vacuum to absorb medium into absorbent pad.

- By the bottom: Invert the monitor and introduce the medium into the base through the bottom port.
Step 4:   Convert filtration unit into Petri dish by removing the funnel, replacing the lid and putting the cap on the bottom port.
Step 5: Incubate upside down at the appropriate temperature and time. After the incubation period, examine and count colonies.


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