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The xMAP® INTELLIFLEX System for Optimized Workflows

The Luminex® xMAP® INTELLIFLEX system is the latest addition to the xMAP® line of instruments. The compact xMAP® INTELLIFLEX system is a flow-based, multiplex platform that simplifies your workflow by combining the established performance of xMAP® technology with advanced features to elevate your assay performance and empower innovation in assay development. By combining low- and high-plex capabilities, the xMAP® INTELLIFLEX system gives fast, reliable results.

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Luminex® xMAP® INTELLIFLEX system combining established performance with advanced features.


Benefits of xMAP® Workflow With the New xMAP® INTELLIFLEX System

  • Extensive Assay Portfolio – Assay your way with MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays and xMAP® technology that offers the versatility to choose from the most extensive range of commercially available kits and customizable assays.
  • Wide Dynamic Range – Optimize your experiments by eliminating repeat testing from out-of-range values with the widest dynamic range of any xMAP® platform.
  • Smaller Size – Decrease space on your lab bench with a compact system that features an embedded PC and a touchscreen user interface.
  • User-Friendly, Flexible Software – Control the platform with easy-to-use instrument software that empowers you to quickly set up runs, optimize workflows, gather performance insights, and export data into common analysis tools.
  • Dual Reporter Functionality – Get more data from each target with the new second reporter channel that allows you to save on time and precious sample.
  • Easy Analysis – Analyze your data with our easily operated Belysa® Immunoassay Curve Fitting software to optimize and compare standard curves, use rules-based data flagging, and confirm the integrity and reproducibility of data within a plate or across plates from multiple runs.

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