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Belysa Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software


analysis of data from Luminex®, ELISA and SMCxPRO®


ELISA: suitable (data analysis)

General description

Belysa allows the user to analyse the data within a .CSV output file from Luminex® (RUO Magpix, LX200, FM3D & INTELLIFLEX) multiplex immuoassay readers, the SMCxPRO® and ELISA platforms. Beginning with the application and fitting of different curve models (4PL, 5PL, Linear etc.) the software further allows the user to evaluate thier 96 or 384 well assay for deviations such as replicate %CV or the expected recovery of a standard curve. A user deffined flag system allows the user to easily ID wells that require a closer look while also giving information on the data point such as its postion with regards to the LLOQ or LOD of the assay. When happy with the individual plate a further feature allows for the comparison of multiple standard curves, either within run or between assay lots, using a slope ratio to evaluate for similarity. By allowing for the close evaluation of the single plate and multiple curves Belysa allows you to confirm that your method was reproducable time and again.


This software is used to evaluate the data from a run of 96 or 384 well immunoassay, obtained from a Luminex®, ELISA or SMCxPRO® platform, for method constistency. Software functionality inclues; Plate Map creation, Curve Fitting, %CV, %Ρecovery, result calculation and standard curve comparison.

Research Category:
  • Milliplex®
  • SMCxPRO®


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Legal Information

Luminex is a registered trademark of Luminex Corp
MILLIPLEX is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
SMCxPRO is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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