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CSIRO License for RAFT reagents

Sold for research purposes only. Not for use in humans or animals. This product is the subject of one or more issued and/or pending patents and patent applications owned by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, including US6747111, US6642318 and US7250479. Sigma Aldrich Co., Inc. is authorised and licensed to sell this product for research purposes only. The purchase of this product from Sigma Aldrich Co., Inc conveys to the buyer a non-transferable and non-sublicensable sublicense from Sigma Aldrich Co., to use the quantity of product so purchased for the sole purpose of carrying out reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization using this product to make polymers (RAFT Polymers) and to make products using those polymers (RAFT Products) for the sole purpose of research and evaluation by the buyer. The buyer must not, and the purchase of this product does not convey or grant any license to the buyer, or otherwise authorise the buyer, to use this product for any purpose other than research and evaluation as described above (including, without limitation, the manufacture of RAFT Polymers or RAFT Products for sale or hire, use of this product to provide any commercial service for any other person, or resale of this product whether or not such resale is for use in research), or for any use in humans or animals. The buyer is not entitled to sell, hire, transfer or otherwise dipsose of product or any RAFT polymers or RAFT products made using this product to any third party (except to the extent required for the purposes of the buyer's research or evaluation). For a commercial license to use this product, please contact Sigma Aldrich Co., for licensor contact details.

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